Why Sleeping With A Bolster Is Great

boy hugging a bolsterWhen we think of bedding items to get for our bedroom, we always think of mattresses, pillows and duvets. People hardly think of bolsters but we are here to let you know that bolsters are a great invention for better sleep!

The first reason a bolster is good for you is because it promotes good posture. This is especially so if you are a side sleeper. If you sleep on your side, your arms and legs will usually just crumple on top of the other and thus causing a strain on your spine. By hugging a bolster and placing it between your legs, your limbs will be well supported whilst keeping your spine aligned. You’ll find that you sleep better and are less likely to wake up with a back ache the next day.

The next reason we love bolsters is because they help your blood circulate better. When you hug a bolster to sleep at night, it supports both your arms and legs thus allowing your blood to circulate better. In return, your heart does not need to work as hard and you’ll end up with a better rest.

The last reason is a psychological one. Studies have shown that people who snuggle up to something when they sleep have better sleep overall. If you do not have someone to hug or snuggle up to, a bolster can come in handy!